Smoked Beef Brisket Enchiladas

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*Newer Item* Bringing a little Tex-Mex to Oregon!

The smoky beef brisket is chopped and combined with cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, smothered in a creamy red enchilada sauce. (GF with corn tortilla)

Smoked Beef Brisket Enchiladas – Full order (5-6 servings)


Freezer Item

Before the enchiladas go into the oven, they are drenched with even more sauce and covered with a thick layer of cheese. The enchiladas are baked until all of the flavors have melded and the cheese is melted and gooey. (GF with corn tortilla)

Tip: Grab an extra one to keep in your freezer up to 3 months – you’ll want more!

2 reviews for Smoked Beef Brisket Enchiladas

  1. Sarah Villanueva

    These are so yummy! Bought a half order last time and this time I purchased a full order because my family wanted 2nds last time. Had never had brisket in enchiladas. Do it!!

  2. Season Ponce

    We recently found DBS and she has helped make my life so much easier! This is easily one of our favorites, so far. Even my picky kids loved it! Thank you, Shelby!

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