Pad Thai

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Dive into an unforgettable journey with our highly-rated Chicken or Shrimp Pad Thai. Drenched in a tantalizing Pad Thai sauce, it combines sweet, savory, and salty flavors with fresh vegetables. More than just a meal, it’s a thrilling Thai adventure awaiting you!




Chicken or Shrimp, rice noodles, scrambled egg, fresh vegetables (bell peppers, carrots and napa cabbage) and it’s all tossed with the most crave-worthy in house Peanut Thai sauce! (GF, DF)

Hint- Would also be great with roasted peanuts and cilantro on top

13 reviews for Pad Thai

  1. Kathryn P

    I love this dish!! It is by far one of my favorites from Shelby! Amazing flavor!

  2. Ashlee Nishizaki

    I look for this dish every week! It’s crave-worthy!

  3. Julie Fulks

    This is our favorite meal! My kids absolutely love this and will even eat it a second day if we have leftovers. Yum!!!

  4. Sarah Thomas

    This is the BEST pad thai! I was a skeptic at first, because I wasn’t really a fan when I had tried this dish before, but this was AMAZING!! A great light peanut flavor, that is rich in so many other flavors as well! Please do yourself a favor and try this!!

  5. Julie Fulks

    The shrimp Pad Thai is my girl’s absolute favorite! So good.

  6. Sarah Villanueva

    This shrimp 🍤 pad Thai was absolutely 💯 amazing yummy!! Yes you want this!!!

  7. Heather Harrington

    This is one of our favorites!! Always get two.. one to eat that week..freeze the other to get ya by before Shelby makes it again. Definitely a favorite in our house!! Ps..add some chili peppers for a lil kick

  8. Sarah Villanueva

    We love both the chicken and the shrimp pad Thai so bomb 💣 😋

  9. krissnjen

    Chicken or shrimp… either way it’s a big hit at our house each time we have it.

  10. Ashlee Nishizaki

    Still my favorite dish – with the shrimp. Yummmm!!

  11. cmcori

    We enjoyed a full order of the Shrimp Pad Thai. It was delicious and we had 6 generous servings. We would order again.

  12. Chelsea

    We love all the veggies in this Pad Thai and always order extra for lunches!

  13. Marie

    SOOOOO good!! This one is a must for us.

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