Oatmeal Scotchies Cookie Dough (Freezer)

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Shelby’s Oatmeal Scotchies Cookies are soft, chewy & super rich cookies. The centers are chewy and soft, the edges are crisp and every bite is butter deliciousness!

Oatmeal Scotchies Cookie Dough (Freezer) – Small


These cookies come proportioned ready for you to bake individually or all 12 at once!

Tip of the day: Buy more than 1 and have them banked in the freezer for up to 6 months if they make it that long.

*Now comes in smaller portion size
Large size comes with 12 Texas sized Oatmeal Scotchies Cookie Dough
Small size comes with 12 regular sized Oatmeal Scotchies Cookie Dough

2 reviews for Oatmeal Scotchies Cookie Dough (Freezer)

  1. Lexy Kliewer

    These are our favorite cookies! We stock up each time they’re available. Easy to cook while you’re making dinner and then they cool while you eat your dinner.

  2. LeAnn Brown

    Two words: SO GOOD! Shelby’s cookies, like her green sauce, should never be missed.

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