Kansas City BBQ Grilled Chicken

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Savor Kansas City’s authentic taste with our BBQ Chicken. Skillfully seasoned with our unique BBQ rub and drenched in our original Kansas City BBQ sauce, it’s a culinary treat!

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 Great little add on to go on salads, pasta dishes, etc. or release your inner carnivore and eat it all on its own. (GF, DF, LC)

  1. Twice Potato Casserole – Prepare for an unforgettable comfort food journey! Our doubly baked potato casserole combines tantalizing sharp cheddar, hickory-smoked bacon, and creamy sour cream, elevated with butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream. A treat to excite your palate!
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1 review for Kansas City BBQ Grilled Chicken

  1. Mary

    One of my favorites for a quick easy re-heat and eat for lunch! Have on bread, in a tortilla, in a quesadilla, or a salad. I love the flavor in this BBQ sauce!

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