Chopped Smoked Brisket (freezer)

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(Frozen) Our Chopped Brisket is a genuine masterpiece, skillfully blending tender meat with a smoky flavor and a crisp texture. It’s patiently cooked for 10-14 hours over a unique mix of post oak, hickory, and fruit wood, capturing the authentic essence of Texas in every bite.

Vacuumed sealed that allows you to keep in the refrigerator or freeze it and it will keep for up to 1 year.

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Need ideas for  your Brisket??  Tacos, loaded baked potatoes, nachos, Pizza, burrito bowls and even in burritos or the Mac & Cheese! (GF, LC,KF)

Ingredients: Beef Brisket, salt, pepper, garlic

4 reviews for Chopped Smoked Brisket (freezer)

  1. krissnjen

    Perfect to have on hand to add to a salad or anything that’s in the fridge and make a quick yummy dinner!

  2. Sarah Villanueva

    One of my favorites for sure. So yummy.

  3. cmcori

    So easy to complete a quick meal with this smoked brisket! We served with mashed potatoes and side salad.

  4. Mary Landauer

    Anything briskit by Shelby is my favorite! I love having this in my freezer for easy tacos or sliders. I re-heat in a skillet with a little water and a lid for a few minutes pop the lid off, brown up the sides and add bbq sauce (kinders is my new favorite) so tender and delicious!

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