Smoked Baby Back Ribs

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I want my Baby Backs, baby back, baby back! This Full or Half rack is slow smoked to perfection.


See description below to add on our Mac Salad

Smoked Baby Back Ribs – Full Rack

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Ribs are rubbed with our signature sweet rub.

Comes with 1 of the following-
– Signature Sweet Rub Only or
– Sweet Blackberry BBQ Sauce
– Spicy Sriracha Bourbon or
– Kansas City BBQ sauce

BBQ sauces will come on the side. (GF, LC, DF) These are vacuum sealed and may be refrigerated for up to 2-3 weeks or up to a year in the freezer. Ingredients: Pork Baby Back ribs (bone-in), brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, ground mustard.
  1. Hawaii’s Macaroni Salad – is the real deal. A no-frills, creamy mac salad that is the perfect side dish. Elbow Pasta, Mayo, Onion, Celery & Carrots

10 reviews for Smoked Baby Back Ribs

  1. Cari

    These are the BEST! We order Shelby’s ribs EVERY time they show up on the menu!

  2. Stacy L Kirk

    Excellent flavor, so good! Took these camping and just warmed them up on the grill.

  3. Amanda Canniff

    This was a hit at my house. A lot of moist delicious meat! Tastes good plain but great with the sweet blackberry bbq sauce!

  4. Brooke

    This is one of our family favorites. So incredibly quick and easy to prepare and so tender and juicy. I was amazed by the flavor and juiciness. Definitely a must! Love love love

  5. Julie Fulks

    These are SO delicious! Made the mistake of letting my daughter have a bite… now we order two racks each time they’re on the menu. So delish!

  6. Julie Fulks

    All the yum I was without the daylong wait. Perfect!

  7. Lexy Kliewer

    My husband and father and law love the ribs and they’re picky about their meat. The ribs were very meaty (not fatty) and had great flavor (we do Kanas City sauce). It’s so easy to heat them up in the oven and they’re ready to go—moist, flavorful, awesome. A full rack fed two very hungry men, myself, and enough for a little bit of left overs, but they were so excited I think they ate two servings worth a piece. Usually a large of Shelby’s meals serves the 3 of us for 6 meals.

  8. Whitney Aguilar

    These are so good! Very tender with lots of flavor.

  9. Diana Pennington

    So easy to reheat and absolutely delicious! Our family’s favorite DBS meal.

  10. Cherise Arosemena

    These are so delicious and super easy to reheat! The blackberry sauce is soooooo good!!!

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