Why Dinners by Shelby?

No Prep. No Mess. No Stress!

Let us do the work, so you can be the hero at dinner time!

No commitment whatsoever!

Like the menu? Grab what you need with no signups required.

We strive for happy families

Each week offers a new variety of menu items to choose from instead of the same thing week after week.

A simple and convenient answer to the age old question

What’s for dinner?

"Putting the family back into dinner!"

Flexible Plans


Dinners by Shelby is amazing! Shelby crafts wonderful meals, and puts out unique menus each week- we get to pick what we’d like and then we pick them up (there’s also a delivery option) and dinner is DONE! No shopping, no thinking, no prep, just pop it into the oven and put it on the table! The meals themselves are rich and flavorful, and she uses fresh healthy ingredients, it’s good food I can feel good about feeding to my family. Also- if you get the chance to order her cookies DO IT, and hide them. They’re better than you can imagine.

Kaylee M

Dinners By Shelby is a Godsend. Do you like to eat? Are you busy? Want good home cooked food and don’t want to shell out a fortune to take your family out to a restaurant? Three little words to live by:
Dinners. By. Shelby.

Andrew L.

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